Perspective Architecture on the new construction and conversion of Crematorium X

"The path is quiet and restrained
designed. At the same time, the individual room sequences become increasingly intimate, quiet and solemn.
The relatives are put in the mood
attuned to saying goodbye."

Relatives' perspective on the new construction and renovation of Crematorium X.

"The relatives have trouble with the long corridors, they have to walk through them to their loved ones. That's where the tension rises. On top of that, they have to go around the corner - an emotionally highly stressful walk. The aesthetics are also criticized: there is no plant, no picture - nothing warm to be found. The corridors are empty and sterile. No one has ever taken a seat on the benches.

Such and other ambivalent statements are encountered when the perspective, wishes and needs of mourners have been neglected in the process of creating or remodeling new spaces in the dying and death sector.
A missed opportunity.

This is where the work of farewellspheres comes in.

The research explored the current changing needs of bereaved people in relation to funeral spaces using a set of methods drawn from cultural studies and design research.
The core objective is to bring the research results back into practice and thus contribute to providing mourners with an adequate moment of farewell. Get in contact.